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Podvapes™ speaks out against Vaping Flavor Bans

Podvapes™ speaks out against Vaping Flavor Bans

The US government has announced that many flavours of pre-filled vaping pods will be banned from sale in retail shops in the US after 31 January 2020. The Canadian government has also announced it is introducing new regulations to cover the production and sale of flavored vaping e-liquids. 

These bans and regulations are in response to fears that flavored e-cigarettes may be attractive to teenagers, and may be encouraging teenagers to take up vaping. 

“In the US, most flavors of pre-filled pods will be banned from sale in retail and convenience stores,” explained Dominic Ball, Customer Support Manager at PodVapes.

“Sales of pre-filled pods with tobacco, mint and menthol flavors will still be permitted, but everything else will be banned.”

“While we strongly oppose the use of vaping devices by minors and non-smokers, in our view this ban on popular flavored pods makes no sense,” Mr Ball said. “In the drive to make vaping less accessible to those who legally need it the most, the US government is not considering the potential health and safety risks that the new imposed legislation creates.”

“Firstly, the ban only applies to pre-filled vaping pods and disposable e-cigarettes, and not to flavored e-liquids. Users can still buy any flavors of liquid ingredients in bulk and mix their own vaping juice.”

“The ban on pre-filled pods will simply encourage people who want to vape to buy bulk liquids. That is more of a problem, as many lower quality counterfeit products could find their ways into stores and online. These can be dangerous if mixtures are not composed correctly or made with approved ingredients. The six brands at PodVapes have all passed strict quality requirements and regulations to allow them to be approved for sale.” 

“Pre-filled pods are much safer than the ‘mix-your-own’ approach. When users mix their own liquids it leaves the door wide open for errors.”

“PodVapes is totally against teenagers vaping.  In fact, we’re against anyone vaping, unless they use vaping to help them quit smoking cigarettes. That was why e-cigarettes were first invented.”

“Vaping is a lot healthier than smoking, as long as you are using top quality ingredients from reliable and trusted brands.”

PodVapes agrees with the US government’s regulatory change to increase the age for purchasing tobacco and vaping products from 18 to 21. 

“This age increase does make sense, as long as it is consistently enforced,” said Mr Ball. “Customers need to be over 21 to visit our online US shop. We’re very strict on this and have age verification software installed to prevent sales to minors.”

Mr Ball explained that even after the ban on pre-filled pods from sale in retail shops, customers in the US will still be able to purchase pre-filled flavored pods online from overseas. 

“Personal ordering online is still okay,” he added. “As such, the US ban does not affect our business or our customers. It’s business as usual.”

“We are speaking out on behalf of vapers. Vaping is a much healthier option than tobacco smoking, and pre-filled pods are the best option. With over 400,000 people dying in 2018 in the US alone from smoking-related illnesses, it’s crazy to ban flavoured pods that can help make a positive difference.”

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Podvapes™ speaks out against Vaping Flavor Bans
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